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Heyyy!!! I am so happy that you are reading this. Thank you! Now that you are here, let me take this time to quickly *Say my name* and tell you a little more about who I am and what this blog is going to be about…

My name is Padmavati Iyengar, a self proclaimed weirdo living in her bubble, constantly struggling to pick a side and trying to make peace with the ideologies of the “Real world”

The time when I am not sleeping, I am either dancing, working out, admiring the beauty of life and everything done from the heart OR wondering about the magic of the universe.

I LOVE passionate people, honesty, children, (Children inspire me. They are everything I want to be) Zumba, the power of our mind and the beauty of nature. Born on 9th December 1991 in a super loud South Indian family, (*If you thought a tam-Bram family is well behaved, poised and conservative, my family will make you think otherwise. We are a (proud) loud and expressive bunch*)

I started working when I was 16 and I’ve tried doing an array of things right from being a sales girl to being a paid audience on a TV show to being a dance teacher to winning a dance reality show to doing a job at a talent management company to modelling to acting to singing and being a fitness instructor now.

I’ve only tried to do almost-everything my heart asked me to (I have that privilege)

These jobs may seem distinctively different but they have taught me beautiful things about myself and life. Even if I don’t do most of these things now, they are still a part of who I am and where I am today and I am genuinely grateful.

Over the years I've come to learn that what you do is only a medium to express who you are and help you learn who you are. I call these "mini-callings" leading me to where i am ultimately supposed to be.

Coming to the blog- “It is important to unlock the mind before your body will ever unlock” If you are locked up in the head, you kind of lock yourself up for every possibility in your body and your life. IT’S ALL IN THE HEAD!!

We eventually become a compilation of what we feed ourselves. Physically and mentally.

Having said that, this blog is my perspective on everything that feeds the mind, body and soul. I am not a guru or an expert to give you tips on how to live your life and I definitely don’t intend to do that AT ALL. This blog is my way of sharing my heart out about things that I love, things that I am passionate about, things i learn, things that matter AND a LOT OF POSITIVITY. *Confession*: I am super lazy and would need all the motivation to get my body, mind and life together in this blog and I would love to have you on this journey with me to a better, healthier and happier self and make this OUR journey. Let’s inspire each other! I hope you find the light you can relate to in this blog.

Lots of love, strength and good vibes to you ^_^ -Padmavati

When my mom used to dress me up like a boy

Us <3

Us <3

The only person i get into a fight with. I am talking about verbal AND physical fight. #sister

The ONLY person i get into a fight with. I am talking about crazy verbal AND physical fight. #sister

Ive Always Looved dancing <3

#First ever photoshoot!

The time they made me look like a different person :|

The time they made me look like a different person :|

Shoot days

The dance reality show i was a part of. Good memories

The dance reality show i was a part of. Good memories

From our project called, Jiye mera desh. Met so many incredible people.

From our project that's really close to my heart. People's anthem. Met so many incredible people.

From a kickass music video

Another kickass music video that i was a part of

Another kickass music video Family

Kids <3 <3

Kids <3 <3

The Locos <3

The Locos <3

The thing i LOOVE- Zumba fitness

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