Heyy!! Hope you are doing awesome! The moment I decided to put my blog up, I knew I had to do a post about something that's an important part of my life, something that I love, something that MOVES ME and thousands of others in the world, which is ZUMBA! I am a licensed Zumba fitness instructor and have been teaching it for almost 2 years now. I absolutely LOOOVE it for how beautifully positive and addictive it is (the kind of addiction that’s good for you ;)) I learn new things about myself or people or life, every day in class and if I started to write about it, it will take me really long and I would never be done, because I can talk non stop about how much i love zumba and all the things I've learnt from it. SO, I’ve *tried* to compile a few beautiful things that I have realised during/after a zumba class so far. Here goes... 1. Words aren’t everything! If you’ve attended a zumba class, you will know that the instructor doesn’t talk or break down steps. We dance for one hour nonstop without talking (except the occasional hooting and the heys and haas). The instructor visually cues the participants without saying a word and everyone does what the instructor is doing. Even if they don’t get the exact same movement, they feel the exact same type of energy.

That is the power of "non-verbal communication”. Words can be misleading BUT our energy and vibe is always spot on and we are blessed to sense and understand it. I feel that the most honest type of communication happens when we don't use words.

2.It is absolutely OK to be yourself. A zumba class is a place where you are encouraged to flaunt YOUR style with zero judgement what so ever. I call my zumba class - 'The No judgement space'

Ive noticed that every time I’ve tried to think or be a certain way that doesn't go well with who I am in that moment, I've failed. If you know me, I am far from being even close to perfect. I am lazy, I forget things, I cannot hide if I’ve made a mistake and it just shows on my face, my hair is in a mess most of the time and I feel that is why people that are with me come back to me. (I say this with all modesty) It is because maybe they feel I am not “different” or “perfect”. As long as you can impress your own self and you genuinely feel you like how you are and it makes you happy, you are doing great.

3.We are all same on the inside. Dancing under the same roof on the same music doing the same movements for 60 minutes definitely gives me a sense of connection with the people around me even if I know nothing more than just their names at times. This connection makes me feel like we are in this together!

We look different, believe in different things, stay in a sky high buildings or on the streets. We are all same on the inside. We get nervous, we get excited, we have stressful days at work, goals to achieve, we have days when we just can’t seem to think positive or attract things that we want, we all break down, we all lift people up and we ALL need the exact same things - love, peace, to be free and be ourselves. That makes us the same even when we are so distinctly different.


“Oh, why is that woman looking at me like that? Does she think I am weird? Why is she making that face? Is she angry at something I did? Does she want to leave the class? Did I forget to shave my armpit?” and 10000 other imaginary situations that we make in our heads while taking a zumba class or even generally in everyday life. Maybe the woman that’s staring at you is thinking that you look like someone she knows or maybe she isn’t thinking anything at all, maybe it’s just how her face is.

This happened in my class once - There was a woman who was trying zumba for the first time and during the entire class she had this peculiar expression and to me it felt like maybe she thinks the class is not for her and she couldn’t follow what I was doing and she will tell people that she dint enjoy the class etc etc. BUT, after the class got over, she came to me and said that she thought it was an excellent class because she was dancing after really long and she wanted to make sure all her attention was on me because she thought I was really good. After she left, I was thinking about how judgmental I was towards someone I knew nothing about. She had "that face" because she was dancing after very long and was a little conscious in front of so many new people. We jump to conclusions for a situation that most of the time doesn’t even exist. Most of the problems that we think we have are ALL IN THE HEAD.

5. It’s not always about you. It is about the bigger picture. It’s about all of us together

There are times when I really don't feel like teaching a class. Maybe, I'm tired or busy or feeling giddy or I am just plain lazy and want to be in my bed and watch my favorite movie or hang out with my friends BUT I also realise that there are my students waiting up on me to show up and be as energetic as possible and that kind of gives me a GOOD ENOUGH excuse to do what I should do, which is to get off my lazy arse and teach a class.

When we detach ourselves and look at a situation from a certain height, we’ll realise how small we actually are and how minute our likes and dislikes are in the bigger picture of life and how this world is beautiful because it has more to it than just you or me. It has millions of beautiful people who think about the larger good and contribute in making this place and life worth living. I am still working on myself to be better at this aspect of life, to keep the ego aside and do something that exceeds myself. Will get there! ;)

6. Things won’t always be perfect. Do what you have to do anyway.

There are days when I am unwell or my iPod breaks down or the music isn’t playing or my students just don’t want to dance or the AC isn’t working and it is too hot or someone is feeling giddy or people thought my class wasn't good enough.

We all have days when things don't seem to go the way we expect it to and it does make us a little upset. I get discouraged very easily BUT at the same time I can snap back into being ok very easily too :p Its because somewhere I deeply feel everything is for the higher good and sometimes we are just too small to see the bigger picture. *Cool fact*- Once a man called Alberto Perez forgot to carry his music to the aerobics class that he used to teach. What did he do? Conducted an impromptu dance fitness class with whatever Latin music he had with him in his car and people loved it. What did it give rise to? ZUMBA FITNESS! Yes, Mr. Alberto “BETO” Perez created this life changing program called Zumba out of a situation that wasn’t “Perfect”

7. There’s Inspiration all around you if you're willing to look. I am the kind of person that needs motivation to do the smallest of things in life. Motivation either from myself or from around. I’ve landed in class so many times with zero energy and -10% motivation to conduct a fun class but all I try to do is just START, because once the music starts playing and I am in front of my students, students that took time to come to class in spite of having a family to take care of or right after a tiring and stressful day at work, students that are excited to dance, students that look forward to three days of zumba in a week, students that are determined to burn those extra calories and be healthy, students that think they have two left feet yet try to get the move correct, try till they know the routine and are confident to rock it, try till they feel they aren’t that bad of dancers they thought they were. THAT gives me all the inspiration in the world to keep going.

We all have days when we can’t convince ourselves to do something that we should, days when we don’t feel inspired. I think in times like these, all that is required is to just START doing what you have to do, just convince yourself to take the first step and while you are at it, you definitely will find all the motivation and inspiration you need to push you through and pick momentum. And if you still don’t feel inspired- FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! And magically, it works for me. Faking confidence or a smile or a certain feeling for a period of time actually becomes a part of you. If that doesn’t help too, ITS OK. Just do what you have to anyway because if everyone did things only when they felt “inspired”, a lot of things wouldn’t get done in this world.

8. We have the power to transfer energy. Every time I am a little tired in class or maybe not feeling it enough in a song or when I am really happy about something or excited to dance on a particular song that I love, my students react just the way I feel and its vise-versa

Like I mentioned in the first point. We don’t always need to be verbal to communicate our point, our body language and energy is enough to do the talking (the honest talking). Its crazy and magical at the same time that we have the power to actually make another human feel what we are feeling. One genuine positive gesture towards someone can instantly make them feel good and they will transfer that feeling to the next person they meet. If you are genuinely happy, people around you feel good too. Like they say, the most powerful energy has an effect on other energies around it.

Ok. I think I need to stop right here because I can go on talking about everything i learn in my class :p I am so grateful to all the energies around me that lead me to do all that I do and so grateful for all the beautiful things I've learned over the course of time and for all the lessons that I will learn in the future. May you be blessed to always be open to finding beautiful things to learn about yourself, about people and about life from what you are doing at the moment or something that you love doing. May that be the reason for you to always keep you going. LET IT MOVE YOU! Lots of love and good vibes Padmavati

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