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Hiiii Hope you are doing great! Thank you so much for reading this. You are awesome and I love you <3 Here is something that I want to share with you. Last week has been so eventful and magical. It has been a week filled with meeting new people, learning and experiencing new things. It was also the week where one of the awesomest events of my life happened- I was invited as one of the speakers at The Times Education show 2016 to talk about my experiences in life and the career that I’ve opted for to inspire a few kids that were looking for career options. This blog is about how it happened and what I learnt during this.

I have always always always believed in synchronicity of the universe. If you are thinking about something consciously/subconsciously, the universe makes things happen in the direction of your thought. That’s exactly how zumba (or anything that I’ve done)has happened.

So. A few days ago, I was in my car thinking about how it would be to talk to a group of people about what I do and things I love and believe in. I actually visualized myself doing it and just 3 days later, I got a message on my Facebook from a lady that was trying to get in touch with me but couldn’t get through. She asked me if I would be interested in talking at the ‘Times education show 2016’ for the times of India where they are inviting people from unconventional fields of work to share their journey with students- graduates- post graduates that are looking for career and job options. I instantly said, YES! It was my first ever “speech” and I needed to prepare what I was going to talk about. I am the kind of person that doesn’t like “rehearsing” what to talk because I feel it makes the speech stale and I am not as passionate about talking about the same thing again so I just go with the flow and talk whatever comes to my heart (and end up talking A LOT:p) But the speakers at the event had a time limit and had to stick to it and also i had to compose what I want to talk So, I sat down to actually write about what I would say (its during times like these when you actually sit down and contemplate your life and your goals) I realized that I’ve been quite adventurous with the different kind of things I’ve done(I started working when I was 16. Ive hopped from being a sales girl to being a paid audience to being a model, an actor to being an assistant to a director to doing a job at an artist management agency etc. Il just blame the Sagittarian me :p)None of these things were “planned” based on what I like or what I want to do for the rest of my life or what will pay me or what I was good at. They really just happened to me and I was fortunate to always have people who gave me opportunities to do different things in life. All I did was- Just say YES! Anyway, I only had 2 days technically to prepare for the speech and I had sooooo much to talk (people that know me know how not so precise I am when I talk :p) plus I had people send me pictures of my face on the newspapers. I was shitting my pants thinking if I was capable of doing this considering the fact that people like Atul Kasbekar, Rj Malishka, Laxmi Agarwal (an acid attack survivor), Founders of successful companies and soo many others who are inspirational and have made a mark in the industry were going to be talking on the same platform (my talk was after Terrence lewis’ session) but I had my closed ones throughout with me and that made it easier to deal with the stress.

It was a 2 days event where 20 speakers were divided and allotted schedules. Mine was the last session on the first day since I was planning to do a super tiny zumba session. Before the session, they gave me an I card that had my name and it read “Speaker” It was still unreal for me. During my session, I was happy to see people waiting to hear me talk. After my speech, they gave me an award that said ‘Thank you for being a part of the show’ and it had my name on it. It was a Looovely feeling.

For people that want to hear/see the session, Its on my facebook page.. Though I honestly feel, I could have done sooo so much better. I was shitting bricks, I fumbled, my speech was haywire, I missed out on saying so many important things, I couldn’t convey a lot of things that I wanted to BUT hey, It was my first ever speech and I think I was ok. And anyway, there’s always a next time ;) I did what I could with what I had at that point. It really isn’t about how good or bad you do (that is a very subjective thing and only YOU can decide that for yourself) but its about what you learn during the process,how it will make you a better person and how you can take this experience and share it with others around in whatever way possible..​ It was during all this, I realized that all that whatever I’ve done, doing and will be doing in life is not because I was/am Passionate about that particular thing. What I deep down am passionate about is maybe understanding and doing whatever makes my heart happy, doing things that will teach me new things about myself, about life, about people and the magic of the universe.. I don’t think our job is to find that “Job” that pays our bills for the rest of our lives. If you can just Identify that one thing in whatever you are doing at the moment that makes you feel alive, something that resonates with who you really are(not your designation but who you are as a person), things you believe in, things you stand for, Something that makes you different from me or anyone else, something that’s unique to you, Something that no one can take away from you, something that fulfills you, Something that goes beyond who you are and what you like and dislike, something that adds value to lives of others around you. Something that makes you feel alive. Here are 3 question that might help you decide that: 1- Is what you’re doing letting you trigger flow? Flow is a concept in psychology that explains a state of human being that is so energetically focused in doing one thing that time, physicality and everything else disappears. You are so involved in doing one thing that makes you forget about everything else and once you are out of the flow state, you feel energized and accomplished. When you do the things that you really love and value, flow come easily. You’re not constantly thinking about the weekends and vacations. and If you think meeting new people makes you come alive, doing something that will involve you meeting people might make you satisfied. If you think visiting new places makes you feel alive, doing a job that lets you travel might satisfy you (even if you are travelling for “work”)

2- Are you easily motivated? Does the thing you do, Motivate you?

PUSH MOTIVATION- The kind of motivation that pushes you to do something because of an external reward. Maybe money or your dream car or a promotion Or maybe some pain/pressure that you are running away from. But once you’ve achieved the promotion or the money or once you’ve overcome the pain, you might feel stuck and ask yourself, “Now what?”

PULL MOTIVATION- The kind of motivation that isn’t external. You feel pulled by something that’s bigger than you. Something that lets you wake up early, do your job because you WANT to. You feel this pull when you are doing something that you value.

3- Is your action, your reward? You don’t need any kind of external motivation. Your work is your reward. The lessons/experiences are your motivation to always keep going. I consider myself really lucky to always have people that have been a source of inspiration, opportunities and motivation. I also realize, it’s not very easy for a lot of people out there to always follow the heart but in times when you are confused about what to do with life, Remind yourself that it’s OK. We are all figuring out our purpose but in the meanwhile, If you can identify just one thing in whatever you are doing that resonates with you. You are successful! Always Remember this…. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! I am not sure of what I will do tomorrow and where I will be but my experience in life has taught me innumerable things about life and all that was important for me to be here today and do what I am doing right now that I absolutely love and this is going to decide my future. *INTERESTING FACT* I had registered for something called the Zumba instructor’s convention that happens every year in Orlando, USA. It’s a 4 days carnival filled with zumba instructors from around the world, zumba masterclasses, training, parties, networking and awesome memories.It is HUGE! I was super kicked for it and even made plans about what I will do and places I will visit with one of my friends that lives in newyork. I was soo excited about this thing because It would be my first convention but was rejected the USA Visa. A few zumba instructor friends that applied with me got through only I couldn’t. Think about it, If I had got my visa, I would be in the U.S now attending sessions and training with people I love but universe wanted me to be here. I really don’t consider myself very worthy of this platform that i got but I definitely believe even this is for something greater that I cannot see today. Having said that, I completely believe that you get everything at the right time and when you are ready for it. These are my experiences and learning and I definitely don’t intend to tell you what to do and what not to with your life. You have the choice to choose what you want to listen to based on who you are and what resonates with you. Your experience is going to be a completely different one and that will be inspiring. Just believe, whatever you are going through and whatever you are experiencing is a result of what you are preparing yourself for and it IS necessary for what you want/have to be in the future. Everything is f%cking perfect and It’s all for the greater good May you always believe in yourself and the universe and may you always say YES to life! Lots of love P​admavati

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