If not now, when?

Hey! Hope you’re doing great! I recently went to Rishikesh for a few days and it was such a beautiful trip. One of the things I did there was BUNGEE JUMPING from a height of 270ft. It was beyond awesome. Through this blog il try to take you through the jump experience.in a way that you feel like YOU are experiencing it yourself. I'll try and share another blog post about the things i did and places i visited there but for now, Let's Bungee jump?

Here goes…

You’re on your trip without a plan or a road map and absolutely open to exploring anything that comes your way.

You’re walking through the markets of Rishikesh and get into the jumpin heights office (India’s first and highest bungee jump and other adventure sports company in Rishikesh) to get details.

There’s a young lady smiling at you and says the bus that takes you to the bungee spot leaves at 9am next day. She shows you videos and pictures of previous jumps and that makes you nervous and excited at the same time. Next day, you’re up early. Have your breakfast that's decent enough to keep you full for long yet not so heavy to keep you from feeling weird during the jump. There’s so much excitement!! :D You reach the office again, think if you really want to do it (you're nervous, its expensive, what if you faint? what if you get a neck pull?) But you also tell yourself “If not now, When?” you buy your tickets, sit in the bus and reach a location far far away in the mountains where you can vaguely spot a huge tower like building that has a crane like structure attached to it. THAT is the building you're going to jump from. You wait with a few other people at the waiting area where you’re briefed about the activity before you’re called at the deck. You walk the long isle towards the deck where you’re greeted by Martina, the bungee coach and her crew. “Hello! How are you? Are you excited?!” You say “YESSSS!!!!” then your weight and jump number is marked on your hand. There is a camera that’s recording every jump and the number on your hand will help you find the video of your jump in the “Photo” shop later if you survive :p Alright you’re now asked to step on a loop like thing which has a strap that goes around your shoulders and is buckled around your chest/stomach. It’s your harness. A thick bundled elastic rope that’s going to keep you from falling flat on to the ground. You are reminded that the whole point of this is to experience what you're doing by yourself and hence they will not be pushing anyone. You’ll only be getting 2 chances to jump. If you can’t/wont jump in these 2 chances, you don’t get to jump at all nor do you get your money back. You are a badass so you tell yourself that you'll do it in the first go itself. Ok. Maybe NOW you feel a few bigger butterflies in your tummy. You feel the adrenaline flow.. You watch the person before you do the jump. He is hooting, even posing for the cameras before the jump and lands absolutely ok in one piece. That gives you a little confidence and you feel neutral about the jump now. Its your turn! You move towards a chair that’s kept there about 1 foot away from the ledge you're about to jump off from.

You sit there and.think to yourself, “It's 270ft. Really! What could happen? You’ll either fall flat on your face and break your head,your body, even lose your life OR you could fly. You'll find out”

The crew is checking the weight that’s going to counter balance you, running through a few safety checks. You look around at all the unfamiliar equipments, wires, harnesses etc.

While all that is happening, Martina makes sure you’re comfortable by asking you where youre from, how long you plan to stay/ what you plan to do in Rishikesh etc. For the crew it's just another group jump but they see that you look upto them for your life and hence they make sure they are positive, encouraging and reassuring throughout so you trust them (Do you have a choice? :P)

You cant feel the butterflies in your tummy anymore. You ask Martina if its normal to not feel anything at all, She replies, “wait till you stand on the edge” both of you laugh.

You're asked to look in the front at a bright yellow board thats at a distance, incase you are too scared to look down BUT because you’re a brave mofo, you look down and see flat land with a waterbody with not nearly enough water to dive into and Hey! Even if you did dive, you would drown because you don’t know how to swim. Lol.

They tell you the number of ways you can do the jump, arms open or do a swimming pool dive or be superman or a tea pot or however you wish depending on how confident you are. Anywhoo.. Now you’re asked to get off the chair while one member starts strapping hooks to your feet, unhooks the one on your waist, checks on your harness in a few places, makes a few adjustments here and there.

You walk towards the edge like a penguin, taking tiny steps. You're standing at the edge. This is happening. The crew member is holding your harness at the back. Neither pushing nor pulling you back. But he's there. He tells you he's going to do a count down from three. You take a deep breath in and out. You gotto jump in the first go. Remember you told yourself! You stand there taking it all in. This is happening. This is happening. This is happening. 3, 2, 1..... BUNGEEEE!!!!

Your knees mend slightly, arms stretch out

You jump.

The first 3 seconds, you’re blank.

You can't see or hear anything. You feel a sudden drop of weight like someone suddenly sucked you in towards gravity at such a speed that you are not in control of.

The mind and the body doesn’t know whats happening

Did you fall down? Did someone push you? What is it?

You've lost contact with everything that is solid, secure, and familiar.

You look down. You feel the wind gushing through your face and your body. You let go.

You are falling. Completely inverted. Head down, feet up. You cant really think of anything here. You’re thoughtless. All the butterflies in your stomach have flown away. It’s just you, the wind and nature. You see the ground below.

It's coming at you. Then you feel the bungee starting to pull at your feet. The blood rushes to your head. You bounce back and move away from the ground again You get to almost the top and then you're falling again. You’re totally aware of whats happening. You even Dab for the camera. Blood still rushing to your head. Now the bungee slows down. You’re swinging like a pendulum without direction. You look down, there are 2 men coming at you, asking you if you’re ok. You say- “YES!” They’re a part of the crew. One of them points a long stick that you can hold onto while the other one gently pulls you down towards a soft foam-like surface. You make contact with ground. You look up and yell "WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!" You did it! You just lay there and feel what just happened. . You take it all in. You just can’t stop smiling.

Ps.- A few tips whenever you plan on doing the jump-

  1. You will feel nervous, excited, tingly and all sorts of things. enjoy it. Don't give up! Enjoy the butterflies in your tummy before the jump. They will vanish once you fly.

  2. Keep your eyes open while jumping. You would want to close it because of fear but you would miss out on experiencing something really beautiful.. Watch yourself falling down, watch the ground, watch things around you even when there is wind trying to close your eyes.

  3. You might find the cost for the activity expensive in the start (its 3550/- for the jump + 300 for the travel + 700 for the video) but trust me, its nothing compared to the experience and feeling youll have throughout the jump.

  4. BUY THE VIDEO! Its worth it! You are not allowed to record or click pictures at the jump area since they have their own cameras recording everything. I feel its good in a way because you live the whole experience while someone else is capturing it for you. You kinda live in the moment without having to think much about how a picture/video would turn out.You will not do it every now and then so it’ll be a lovely memory for you and your family to look back on.

  5. JUST DO IT! If not now! When?

Hope you enjoyed the experience. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Untill we meet next time. Vitual Love and good vibes <3


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