Hey, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? It feels like a century since the last blog i wrote. Thank you for sticking around.

Me and one of my closest friends, Santoshi went to Goa for 4 days in the beginning of this year and so many people on my instagram still ask me about the trip, the places we went to, the hotels, things to do etc.

And for the lack of creativity or ideas, I thought why not put all the details of the trip here on the blog. Also, considering you miiight have Goa on your list of vacation in the couple of months to come. So here it is… Disclaimer- I am not someone that’s ever written about my “travelling experience” so this post is more like me virtually taking you on this trip with us while I relive it.



So the trip starts off with us reaching our hostel almost 3 hours before the check in time and there is no room available yet so we decide to visit a café nearby called ‘Bean me up’ for breakfast. (Apparently has amazing vegan food)

We enter this colourful place in the middle of the trees, covered with a huge net that has all the dry leaves fallen from the trees. With a few Buddhist prayer flags hanging on top, a hammock on the side, a few book in case you would want to stay for longer this looks like a perfect place to set the tone for this trip. I am in love! We call for a hummus plate, a mixed exotic fruit bowl (the portion size is huge), a cold coffee and strawberry juice.

This place feels lovely with its raw, earthy appeal and a laid back vibe, we could sit here the whole day and not do anything at all BUT we definitely have to leave so we see more places :D

We reach the hostel and find out we have been given a room somewhere in the next building a couple of minutes away because apparently they are out of rooms. This feels like an absolute bummer because the only reason for us to book a hostel was to experience a freakin’ hostel! BUT this isn't enough to kill our mojo :D So we get to the room, change and leave for a beach called Arambol.

This is one of beaches that has a very special place in my heart for personal reasons so we had to visit it)

DAY 2!

It’s a nice sunny morning as we leave for Vagator beach which is about 5 minutes’ walk from our hostel. It’s a plain walk with a couple of shops here and there selling clothes, beachwear etc.

And here we are. To our surprise, its quite empty. Just a few people doing some water sports and a few hawkers selling some fruits, beads etc.

“Mam, get your hair braided, just 50rs per braid” “Neah, we are good”

We skip the hair braiding and put on some music and just lay there. Oh! we do buy a watermelon though! :D One of the juicest, sweetest we’ve had Or maybe it’s just the sun and the beach that’s influencing our taste buds, we don’t know. either way it tastes and feels amazing.

Lying on a mat, listening to music, getting tanned like we’re born for it. What else do you do?

Get into the water. YES!

Now we are hungry. We go to a café nearby that has a nice blue and white Santorini colour theme to it with a huge Buddha photo frame at the enterace. Well, just an interesting combination. Oh! Also has a hammock right next to our table: D

And for dinner,we decide to go to this restraunt called Seaside pizza bar in Aria beach resort and we are asked to reach there 5 30ish so we catch the sunset (the place is known for the view of the sunset apparently) And we do excatly that. We reach the place around 5 30 and Oh boy! Is it beautiful or what! It’s a beautiful open air terrace with wooden flooring and classy contemporary styled decor on Ozron beach small Vagator. Situated on top of a cliff and overlooks the beautiful Arabian sea.

“What’s good here?” we ask. “You should definetly try our vegetarian pizza and the fungii salad” “Great! We would love to” Geetika, the one who owns the place (also one of the sweetest hosts) gives us company while we wait for the food to arrive and watch the sun set.

Its starting to get dark, we see the moon right on top of where we’re sittin. Its nice and breezy, we are high on life and to top it all, we devourer THE BEST fungii salad we’ve had in our lives. So much so that we call for another portion of it and finish that too.

Man! It’s been a beautiful evening.

DAY 3!

It’s time to leave for south goa but before we do that, We visit this hippie beach called Anjuna. It also has a huge flee market every Wednesdays. According to rumors, When the hippies from eastern Europe came to Goa to never go back again, they started trading their belongings in exchange of food and clothes so they could live on the beach. Eventually with time this trade became the famous anjuna flee market that now has both hippies and Indians selling good from around India.

So we enter this huge market with numerous stalls selling hammocks, jewelry, antiques, fannypacks, Spices, clothes, healing crystals and so many things. This place has a variety of colours and energy to offer.

We pick up a few things and decide to take a walk on the beach. We find an interesting Machan made of wood where one could sit and eat if they liked.

We climb this frail ladder to get on top and order for some food.

Here we are sitting on a semi shaky tree house/machan/restaurant sipping on some coffee and overlooking the waves of the ocean before we head to the south which is about 3 hours from here.

We leave for Patnem (South Goa) Click here if you would like to read part 2

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