Goa (Part 2)

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So We leave from Anjuna and drive through the beautiful roads with palm trees on the sides, We don’t talk at all, we are only enjoying the breeze coming through the window. It’s 4 30 in the evening and we reach a beach with white sands, crystal clear waters reflecting the sun, It looks almost untouched. With just around 6 or 7 beach shacks and less than probably 15 people on the whole beach. There we are in Patnem, right next to the oh so popular, Palolem but much quiter and cleaner. We check into our hotel which is right on the beach and feel so freakin’ happy to be here. We have arrived at the perfect time of the day with the soft sunlight hitting your face to give you the golden glow.

We can’t help but only be beach bums that sit there and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Day 4 One of the Perks of staying on the beach is that you get to go to sleep and wake up with the sound of the waves. Its 7am and we step out to see a man doing yoga, a couple talking a walk together and a young girl jogging right next to the shore. It so beautiful, makes you want to move in and live there forever but we have a long day ahead of us so we could probably plan the future a little later. :p

We leave to catch a boat from Palolem that will take us for some dolphin watching. We walk to Palolem and get on the boat. Its a beautiful morning with the soft sun touch you,the ocean looks blue and clear, the breeze and a few drops of water hitting your face every now and then. Everyone’s quiet and only enjoying the ride. Ah! It’s beautiful. Oh! There we spot a dolphin, not for too long though but that’s ok because the whole boat ride itself is so worth it! Then we get to this hidden island called the butterfly beach, its tiny and isolated with just 5 of us on it. We of course click a few pictures before we head back to Palolem.

Such a calm start to the day. We finish breakfast and leave for Agonda beach.

We reach agonda. It’s a really long stretch with not too many people on it AND the waves, man the waves! Just perfect. it’s like they’re calling us and we get right into the water. After a few hours, we find a boatman looking for people to fill his boat that’s going to the Cola beach. There is space for 2 people on the boat so we bargain a little and hop in. Man! I LOVE these boat rides. They are just. beautiful. After about 30 minutes, we reach cola. It’s a small island that is secluded with just a couple of hotels and a couple of restraunts (2 to be precise) on it. OH! This place has a Frikin’ lagoon on the beach right next to it where you could rent a kayak. We’re hungry so we grab something to eat and quickly get back to the shore, the waves here are a little too strong so we skip getting into the water and just chill on the beach instead. Its a gorgeous beach.

We are back to our hotel in Patnem and its our last evening here in Goa.We’re sitting by the beach with just the light from our candle on the table, the tables next to us and the lights inside the restaurants and some stars in the sky.

We can only be grateful to have found time to do this trip together. Its been lovely.There’s a dog constantly stealing food from the table next to us with soft jazz playing in the background along with the waves hitting the shore.

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