Let’s take a trip! ;)

HELLO!! HELLO!! Has it been a while or what?!

Hope you’re doing well <3 I know this page has had crickets chirping since the last two years so if you’ve subscribed to this blog- THANK YOU for being patient. I appreciate you so much <3 I feel, It’s time to bring this blog back to life and I hopefully keep it active and add value to your life and your time while you’re here.

The only thing that was challenging about writing this article was to think of what to call this or how I could start it. So I thought, Let me instead take you on an imaginary trip I went on a few days ago. Jump in if you’d like to take a ride ;)

“One day you wake up and find yourself in this mysterious place that feels completely alien to you. Like a memory, You don’t clearly remember where you came from. You don’t even know what you’re supposed to do here or where you’re supposed to go.

Then one day, you find yourself walking. You find people just like you. They're walking too. Some have been walking for a little longer than you, some are following you. It’s like, everyone is walking with each other while also simultaneously finding their own pace. It’s been a long walk. Almost feels like a journey of several lifetimes.

But wait, where are we even walking to? There has to be meaning to this walk right? How do we even know if we are on the right path that takes us to the right place? Wait. What place are we talking about? What if we get lost? What if we forget to see?

So on the journey, we realize it’s important to create a device that helps us remember why we are here and in case we get lost, this device will help remind us that we are all in this together as each other’s companions and guides. For that to happen, we will need to learn more about this place and find tools available here that will help us build what we are trying to and maybe even help us get to where we are supposed to.

We look around and set out on our own journey of discovery. We show each other different routes, all the interesting observations we’ve made about the details in the design of this place because the more we learn about this place, the more ways and tools we can come up with. As we progress, we learn that we all have the ability to be engineers and architects and complete novices and giver and receivers and students and teachers all at the same time on multiple levels for each other and even ourselves.

Ya, this place is quite magical!

But in the process, we also get so distracted by each other and with the beauty and magic of this place that we now feel very comfortable here. This feels like home, maybe it even is. So much so that we even learnt to give ourselves temporary identities based on the discoveries we make. So now start putting our creations made out of those discoveries on a pedestal and we are even attached to it. We even feel attached to all the tools we found on the way. Completely forgetting that the tools belong to this place and the whole idea anyway was only to use them to create and share our light with each other, Completely forgetting that deep down everyone else is also a creator that’s creating simultaneously. Forgetting that we are also the student that needs to learn more in order to create better.

And most importantly, forgetting that the whole point of all this always was and still is only the journey and the walk we all are on.




No, there is no end to this trip because this place is also on a journey by itself driven by something called ‘time’ so whether you find your way or you decide to move or remain stagnant, this place will move and change regardless. So technically the trip only ends when you decide.

One thing that I am predominantly feeling since the last few days is how as humans, one of the most fundamental things in our life is- to express!

Through our actions, words, art or anything else, all we are doing is expressing things we learn, how we feel on the inside, our emotions and our perception of life. Think about all the things you feel naturally drawn to or even feel passionate about are things that somewhere let you express and even experience yourself on a deeper level. What an artist creates or even generally how a person acts on the outside is only a reflection of who they are and how deeply they know themselves on the inside.

Hence in my opinion, one of the harshest punishments for a human being is to take away this power to express.

Thanks to evolution we have found so many mediums that let us express so freely. Having said that, sadly as a society we’ve also somehow conditioned ourselves to overvalue this medium way more than why it is made or WHAT we want to express. To an extent that one even feels a sense of losing purpose if that medium is taken away or shaken for a bit.

They say, attachment leads to pain and if we attach to the impermanent medium that lets us do things and express ourselves more than the intention of why we even want to express it, we are bound to be in pain isn't it?

In case we forget, I hope we remind each other to see that this magical place we are on is constantly giving us tools and opportunities to learn, express. I hope we remind each other to see that we are all here to walk each other and most importantly, I hope we remember to see that the idea is to learn, unlearn and be the light for ourselves and others.


Padmavati <3

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